The Service We Provide

GOTUS, via its Founders, staff, Partners and Affiliates offers services to its clients that encompass: Go to Market Planning, Research, Discovery, Market Analysis, Business Planning and Set Up. An ongoing support service can be provided to assist execution once the business is established.

GOTUS is privileged to offer via UnaTerra - Global, a complete Legal, Administrative and Taxation advisory, set up and execution service. This is critical to businesses from the UK entering NA as most States and Provinces differ.

GOTUS has built an experienced team, who all have worked extensively in NA together with a Network of multi disciplined partners able to offer a scaleable and bespoke service on both sides of the Atlantic.

A Complex Market

GOTUS will lead UK based companies to profitable growth and expansion in both the pre and post Brexit economic landscapes.

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Growth Potential

Whilst the UK has some estimated 5.2 M small businesses, where 75% are sole traders in a population of 64M, the NA marketplace has a 6 x population and a market potential to 8-10x the UK.

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Bespoke Service

Our model is Bespoke and Results driven. GOTUS will leverage the collective experience of our networks, partners and contacts enabling you a successful set up and positioned to grow in North America.

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Scalable Proven Expertise

Every business is different and will require some or all of the services from our portfolio. Gotus has teamed up with proven partners who have experience in the North American market.

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People & Partners

Staff members and contributors to our goals

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