Our Opportunity

Whilst the UK has some estimated 5.2 M small businesses, where 75% are sole traders in a population of 64M, the NA marketplace has a 6 x population and a market potential to 8-10x the UK. For example if California were independent it would be the 6th largest economy in the world. Canada is the 10th.

In general the NA marketplace remains open to innovation and tends to favour innovation and value over the support of indigenous companies. Nevertheless there is often a ‘we can do it better’ mentality for clear market positioning and communication together with the appropriate legal, administrative and tax planning is essential for success in any timeframe.

Your Opportunity

Whilst NA is undoubtedly a large opportunity, there are several key factors born out of our experience. These include:

Market size & availability will vary by each State and Province.

Market selection and Geography is therefore vital to success.

Need to ensure your Product is compliant & tested in the NA market.

Very few channels are NA wide.

Each State and Canada can have different local competitors, there is though, no antipathy to new entrants.

Each State and Province has differing tax and trade legislation